A Public Domain Dataset for ADL Recognition Using Wrist-placed Accelerometers

The automatic monitoring of specific Activitiesof Daily Living (ADL) can be a useful tool for Human-Robot Interaction in smart environments and Assistive Robotics applications. The qualitative definition that is given for most ADL and the lack of well-defined benchmarks, however, are obstacles toward the identification of the most effective monitoring approaches for different tasks. The contribution of the article is two-fold: (i) we propose a taxonomy of ADL allowing for their categorization with respect to the most suitable monitoring approach; (ii) we present a freely available dataset of acceleration data, coming from a wrist-worn wearable device, targeting the recognition of 14 different human activities.


Bruno, B., Mastrogiovanni, F., & Sgorbissa, A. (2014, August). A public domain dataset for ADL recognition using wrist-placed accelerometers. In the 23rd IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (pp. 738-743). IEEE.