Enjoy independence

The perfect balance between independence and care

Fall Detection

It forwards an immediate notification in the event of a fall

Monitoring of ADLs

It monitors the main daily activities by identifying their trends over time


It locates and tracks your movements in real time

Data collection and behavioral analysis

It processes and learns the users' habits on a personalized basis

Innovation that adapts to every need

For Kibi, taking care of the elderly is more than a vocation: it is a precise goal that is tailored to their needs.
Through the most recent achievements of Artificial Intelligence, Kibi allows you to stay updated about the health of the elderly you care for, through a system capable of detecting emergencies in time, as well as recognizing and learning their habits.

Kibi ensures well-being, safety and autonomy
to you and to those you take care of.

Facilities for the elderly

Obtain and digitize all the information necessary for prevention, safety and assistance in your facility: Kibi is the ideal ally for your staff. It helps prevent falls and hospitalizations and alerts you immediately in an emergency – being a caregiver has never been easier.

Home assistance

If you provide home care services, you know that every elderly person has his/her own needs: knowing them and knowing how they evolve over time will help you provide more targeted and effective care. In addition, Kibi can also help you manage and keep track of elderly people in different homes.

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