patients could lie to their doctors and make omissions in the care realationship

When patients lie to doctors (and why it is not so unusual)

Marta Cristofanini
Helping doctors to access “virgin” patients’ data in respect of privacy and a spontaneous shyness. Maybe new assistive technologies can help More than lies, it would be more accurate to talk about omissions. Recent studies have demonstrated how most…
An example of a smart wearables

2020: Smart Wearables and The Beginning of a New (Smart) Era

Marta Cristofanini
Smart wearables are taking up the world and this trend is going to intensify in the next years, thanks also to the reduction of average selling prices and few others tricks According to Gartner, the new decade is “wearable-friendly”,…
Chinese marketing interest for foreing products

Is Chinese market a good market for healthcare investments?

Marta Cristofanini
After a long period of closure towards Western customs and traditions, the Chinese market is well-disposed towards healthcare investments for tech-products coming from abroad A boom of interest for foreign healthcare products China counts today 131 million of people…
Seniors' assistive device

Preventing prostatic issues is possible (and here we explain how)

Marta Cristofanini
It can be really frustrating to deal with aging discomforts. The risk of being alone in disregarding important symptoms is high The importance of prevention If prevention is better than cure, Kibi could represent a valid tech-fellow for supervising…

Teseo & the Ethereum blockchain for data protection

Lorenzo Dalvit
A crucial relationship What is today’s most important asset? Answering this question is difficult. Certainly, what the current economy and reality are telling us is that information is playing a major role in our lives.The value of information and…
Silver Economy: I ricchi del bel paese, tra libertà e responsabilità.

Silver Economy: The well-off over 65 of Bella Italia

Lorenzo Dalvit
Advantages and disadvantages of being 65 The Italian National Institute of Statistics has been pointing out for years that Italy has financially rewarded the older generations. Over 65 seniors have an affordability that has enabled the development of a…
L’Italia invecchia, ma come?

Italy is aging, but how? The elderly between care and independence

Lorenzo Dalvit
A recent study undertaken by Italy’s UBI Bank with Duff & Phelps REAG and Legance has produced an analysis of the assisted living sector; this study confronts us with important considerations and a completely new reality. Firstly, with the…