Symbol of gaming and videogames.

Gamification for health: prevent and rehabilitate through play

Marta Cristofanini
As is often said in reference to the theatre, playing is a serious matter. Especially if it takes place in reference to health and well-being. The phenomenon of gamification for health is neither recent (the term began to be…
Image of IoT devices for health

Smart (at) home: how Iot can help health

Marta Cristofanini
Internet of Things: an intelligent and accessible environment Who among us imagining possible future scenarios has never thought of an environment – domestic or otherwise – capable of listening to every request or even anticipating our needs? That of…
Image of a doctor

The PNRR for digital and territorial healthcare

Marta Cristofanini
That the PNRR was an opportunity beyond a mere remedy to the pandemic was clear from the outset. And now that the first funds earmarked for Mission 6 Health (about €8 billion) have been disbursed by the Government among…
An old couple is cycling outside on a green field

Preventing cognitive decline: a question (also) of lifestyle

Marta Cristofanini
The cognitive decline that accompanies the onset of dementia most often affects older people; however, this does not exclude the possibility of earlier manifestations of a condition that, at the moment, we must learn to live with. Prevention through…
A particular example of wearables, a smartwatch

2021: pandemic-proof wearables continue on their journey

Marta Cristofanini
It’s been a year since we published an article on our blog announcing 2020 as the “smart” year of wearable devices. Let’s see how it went (and how it will go) 2020 unfortunately wasn’t the year we all hoped…
How to automatically detect falls

Why is it so difficult to automatically detect falls?

Marta Cristofanini
The health-tech industry is investing a lot of resources in automatic fall detection, to give the right serenity to the elderly and caregivers. But the issue is not easy to solve Falling is human “Do you know why we…
Example of voice assistants employed for elder care

The unstoppable rise of voice assistants (in elder care)

Marta Cristofanini
Or how to make happy the over-65s. The usage of voice’s technologies is becoming very popular among the elderly, and also the employment in healthcare’s system seems to be successful A new direction for voice assistants “Play melancholy song.”…
isolation of the elderly during COVID-19 and the effects on their well-being

Isolation and well-being: the elderly at the time of COVID-19

Marta Cristofanini
Social isolation is a condition that can pose a threat to seniors’ well-being. Here’s how not to lose sight of good habits 2020 is the year in which we were called upon to face a pandemic for the first…
Reasons of emergency in English National Health Service

National Health Service: chronicles from a state of emergency

Marta Cristofanini
It’s a crisis which can’t be ignored. Some of its causes are common and lead us to reflect beyond any political controversy (yes, we are going to talk about Brexit too) It’s a sensitive gear, the one we are…