Facilities for the elderly - Nursing homes

Innovative, safe, intuitive: Kibi is all this, and much more.

Kibi allows you to stay up to date and to intervene in an emergency thanks to instant notifications. More informed, safer.

Kibi localizes in real time.

It locates individual guests in real time and keeps track of their movements, thus identifying places at risk of crowding and habitual routes.

Kibi detects anomalies.

It detects anomalous events such as a fall or prolonged inactivity, forwarding an emergency notification.

Kibi notifies emergencies.

It warns you in case one or more guests leave the property or get up during the night.

The importance of preventing

Know better the habits of your guests to prevent any negative trends through personalized interventions. Kibi’s recognition of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) is for just that!

Find out if your guest drank too little, didn’t walk enough, or went to the bathroom too often.

By viewing the person’s individual trends updated in real time, you will be able to focus on targeted and high-impact assistance.

Simplify data sharing

The user interface provides various tools dedicated to sector operators and allows all staff members to be continuously informed about the situation of individual guests, regardless of their shifts and familiarity with them.