Elder care facilities

Kibi allows you to know the needs of individual guests, react in case of emergency and optimize your daily operations.

Look after your guest and know their habits

Is someone not drinking enough? Is she moving less or waking up often at night? Collect and make this data available to your team to prevent incidents and hospitalizations. Our system is based on proprietary Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to guarantee the safety of your guests and recognize the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) they perform during the day.
Thanks to the smartwatches and the environmental sensor you will be able to automatically detect falls, localize guests in your facility, analyze how they move among different areas, and recognize crowded areas: in this way you will be notified if someone is staying to long in their room, if they leave the facility or whether a crowded area represent a risk to your guests.

Smart, safe, intuitive: this is how Kibi is.


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