Home assistance

When you are not there, there is Kibi

Caring for an elderly person at home requires
targeted and high-impact interventions.

With Kibi you can stay updated on each of your users thanks to a single interface that gives you access to the needs of all the people you assist.

Always present

You will be informed immediately by Kibi in the event of a fall or prolonged inactivity, ensuring the safety of your users. These features will soon be integrated with alerts for any night walks and too frequent visits to the bathroom.

Kibi guarantees the safety of your users

Kibi notifies you in the event of a fall or prolonged inactivity

Asian elderly people with walking stick on floor after falling down and caring young woman assistant,sick senior woman or mother fell to the floor because of dizziness,faint,suffering from illness and having a daughter,granddaughter to help and take care of her

Targeted interventions

Thanks to the ADLs monitoring, you can easily find out if the person drank too little, how often they went to the bathroom, and if they performed sufficient motility during the day.
Kibi offers all essential information to know your users and intervene in time to prevent chronicity and complications. On your next visit, you will already know what to do and where to intervene.