Enjoy independence

The perfect balance between independence and care

Easy to install

Kibi is easy to install as it requires only a WiFi network, a smartwatch and a few battery-powered environmental sensors that lasts for ages. You can install it in a couple of hours and it does not require costly maintenance.

Preventive care and active aging

Kibi recognizes everyday activities performed by the people you are taking care of and analyzes their habits. In this way you both will know if something is affecting their health conditions and quality of life and you will be empowered to act before issues arise. Preventive care and active aging are essential to remain independent longer.

24/7 Assistance

Kibi can automatically detect when someone falls and it will alert you in case of need. It can also localize the assisted people and provide you with actionable insights such as overcrowded areas, movement flows and location-based alerts.

Always with you

Relax and rest assured that the people you take care of are well. Access everything Kibi has to offer wherever you are on smartphone, tablet or browser.

Innovation that suit every need

For elder care facilities

Collect and digitize all the data you need for preventive care, ensure safety, and provide the best cares in your facility: Kibi will always stand by your staff. Kibi helps them prevent falls and hospitalizations and it will alert them in case of emergency: being a caregiver has never been so easy.

For Home Care

If you are a home care provider, you know that every older adult has its needs: knowing them and how they evolve over time allows you to provide personalized care and act proactively when needed. Moreover, Kibi helps you manage and keep track of older adults in multiple homes.

For you and your family

Sometimes it is hard to balance your personal and work life with the care of a loved one, especially an older adult. Kibi is born from this need: thanks to his 24/7 support and monitoring system, it will allow you to remain close to your loved ones even when you are away, ready to act whenever they need you.

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