You set it up in one hour with no extra work

Kibi simple and inexpensive to set up because it does not require preexisting infrastructure, just some smartwatches, a WiFi connection and a few bluetooth localization devices running on battery up to 4 years and that can be placed anywhere you want. Usually you only need one per room and the installation is very easy with our companion app.

Localize and detect falls

The smartwatch wore by the assisted person uses the signal from the other devices to localize her and evaluate her motility. Using the internal sensors and our proprietary algorithms, the smartwatch automatically detects falls without the need to manually ask for help, allowing you to react rapidly even in case of loss of senses.

Discover their needs

Use of location data
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Kibi uses the assisted person position and movement data combined with our proprietary Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to detect the main Activities of Daily Living, which are standard definitions of daily tasks used by geriatricians to assess how independent a person is. Instead of an occasional check-up, you can now have access to a daily report of trends to set up a custom care plan.

Always alerted with our dashboard

Whether you are an elder care facility or home care service provider, your staff will always be up to date with the needs of the people they take care of and it will be alerted in case of emergency through our multiplatform web interface. That includes many tools for professional like advanced tracking features and it will allow all the members of your team to be on the same page regardless of their shift or familiarity with the guests.

Built around privacy

We only collect anonymous data to offer our service and improve it for the safety of who you assist. We do not use cameras and we do not profile the people that you take care of. Kibi has been designed to keep track of wearables only; the link between a smartwatch and a person never reaches our servers and is yours only: for this reason many DPOs already approved Kibi.

Open to your needs

Are you a professional with some ideas about how to use the data we collect?
Do you have doubts or specific needs? We believe in a co-creation process to bring the best cares to whoever needs them and to provide cutting-edge tools to caregivers. We are constantly working to add new features: if you want to be part of this process or just know something more, contact us. We will be glad to collaborate.